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Rendering Services

Rendering Services In Burnley

Contact our team of render and building specialists. Rendering is the process of covering the exterior or a home with cement, lime, acrylic, or some other kind of mixture. Rendering is a plastered finish for external walls that gives a smooth finish and protects brickwork against outside elements. Rendering makes it less likely for your home’s exterior surface to develop cracks. Our team of expert renders are ready to help you out with any kind of rendering projects that need doing around your house or business. We offer competitive prices and flexible service times.

Types of Rendering:

1. Cement rendering: cement rendering is typically the standard option for most people. It is typically applied in multiple coats and then painted over (when dry). 

2 .Lime rendering: lime rendering is an older technique but still an effective one. Unlike cement, it is less likely to trap moisture within the brickwork. It can also sometimes be more visually appealing but does come at a higher cost than cement. 

3.Polymer rendering: unlike cement and lime rendering, polymer rendering is pre-mixed and often pre-coloured. 

What are the benefits of rendering your home?

• Protecting brickwork against wind and rain. 

 •Around 30% of the energy used to heat a home is lost through its external walls- certain rendering can help solve this issue without compromising your interior living space!

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