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Lvt flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is an advanced form of vinyl flooring that has gained widespread popularity for its attractive aesthetics combined with practical functionality. One of the key features of LVT is that it can imitate the look of natural materials very convincingly. This is achieved through a high-resolution photographic layer that captures the minute details and characteristics of natural wood and stone. This visual layer is protected by a clear wear layer that is usually treated with a polyurethane coating or enhanced with ceramic beads to increase resistance to scratches and scuffs, extending the life of the flooring.

What is LVT

LVT is a multi-layered product, typically consisting of four distinct layers:

Wear Layer: The topmost layer that provides durability and protection against wear and tear. It determines the longevity of the flooring and protects the design layer below it.

Design Layer: This layer features the aforementioned high-definition photographic image that gives LVT its realistic appearance. The possibilities for design are almost limitless, ranging from various types of hardwood to an array of stone textures.

Core Layer: The core layer provides stability and support. It is often made from a combination of vinyl and limestone powder, giving the tiles or planks their structure and rigidity. Some LVT products also include a core layer with added fiberglass for increased stability.

Backing Layer: This bottom layer adds to the comfort of the flooring and can offer some form of cushioning. It can also help with sound absorption, making LVT quieter underfoot than some other hard flooring options.

LVT’s versatility is further enhanced by its ability to mimic textures through embossing techniques such as “emboss in register” (EIR), which aligns the textural embossing with the visual pattern to create an authentic feel that matches the visuals.

Given that LVT is impervious to moisture, it stands as an ideal choice for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements, where water exposure is common. The moisture resistance also means it inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, contributing to a healthier living environment.

LVT is softer and warmer underfoot compared to natural stone or porcelain tiles, thanks to the layered construction and the backing layers that can provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Optional underlayment can further enhance these immersive comfort properties.

LVT offers an exceptional balance of luxury aesthetics and practical benefits. It makes high-end styles more accessible due to its cost-effectiveness and proves to be a durable and attractive option for a vast range of residential or commercial applications.

Carpets and carpet fitting

We offer a free check-up at your house where we show you over 300 different samples for you to look at and choose from. If you already bought your new floor from somewhere else and just need someone to put it in for you, we can do that too.

Whether you need new floors for a place you rent out, a school, a hotel, a medical place, or your own home, picking the right carpet is really important because it needs to work well, be a good deal, and last a long time.

We’ve worked with a lot of people in the Lancashire area and know a lot about the special problems they face. We can really help you pick out the best carpet. Here are things to think about to make sure you get the right carpet:

You should think about how tough the carpet is, because if you’re spending a lot of money, you want it to last. Think about how many people will walk on it every day and how rough they will be.

How it looks
How the carpet looks, like its colour, is very important. In places like hotels or care homes, you want the carpet to look right with everything else. Dark colors are often better because they hide spills and stains. For places you rent out, it might be better to have colors that everyone likes because they go with more things.

Who will use it
It’s important to think about who will be living or staying in your place. If you have a fancy place, you might need nicer floors for people who expect that. But for families who want something cheaper, a strong, less expensive, and stain-proof carpet might be the best.

Think about how sound moves around in your space when picking out a carpet. A thick, good base layer can help stop noise from going to other rooms, which makes things quieter and more private. Plus, a good base layer can keep heat in, which could save you money on heating.

If you need help choosing the best carpet for what you need, get in touch with us. We’re excited to show you the different choices to help you make the best choice.

Laminate flooring

Explore the world of flooring with a solution that combines longevity, minimal upkeep, and striking aesthetics across numerous design options. Experience the transformative effect of laminate flooring in your living space.

Laminate flooring offers the sophisticated look of real wood at a more accessible cost. Our extensive selection includes everything from classic natural oak to chic modern grey oak, ensuring you can match your flooring to your personal taste. Additionally, we carry a comprehensive array of laminate underlays, compatible with various types of sub-flooring.

Upon selecting the perfect laminate flooring, consider having it expertly installed by our seasoned professionals. Boasting over three decades of expertise in laying carpets and floors, we are committed to delivering an impeccable installation.

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