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Energy Performance Certificate

EPC in Burnley

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is an important document that evaluates the level of energy efficiency in a building. EPCs are required for any property built, sold, or rented out and must be ordered before putting your home up for sale or rent. As we understand you have more pressing things to focus on than getting an EPC done ourselves so here at The EPC Network our members go through extensive testing from government standards which ensures all certificates produced to meet legal requirements; they also adhere to strict quality controls ensuring accuracy every step of the way.

The Energy Performance Certificate(EPC), often referred to as simply “energy rating”, is essential whenever selling/renting a house due to its importance when it comes down to deciding if to continue with your purchase or rental.

The EPC Network is the largest network of independent energy performance certificate providers in the UK. We are a National Landlords Association Recognised supplier, and we never charge you any money up front or take commission on your fee for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

An Energy Performance Certificate shows potential buyers and renters how much it would cost to keep this property warm throughout winter by using more efficient appliances such as gas boilers instead of electric heaters that use less electricity but require higher costs at peak times. In order to sell or rent out our home efficiently, landlords must have these certificates ordered through accredited sources before they list their properties online with real estate agents like Petty Real and Wright Marshall.

We are a National Landlords Association Recognized EPC Supplier.

Our independent members cover the UK with energy performance certificates that meet government standards for potential buyers and tenants when your property is built, sold, or rented out.

We will never ask you to pay in advance and our no commission fee makes us stand apart from other suppliers who may take advantage of less informed clients trying to sell their home quickly without considering all cost factors involved.

The government has just issued new regulations that all private rental properties must now achieve an energy efficiency rating of at least E on their Energy Performance Certificate. If your property gets a F or G Rating, you may not be able to rent it out anymore. For help improving the EPC rating and information about associated costs please contact us for our advice regarding your situation.

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